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re: Utility Macros - Get rid of the Lag!



***Note from Raffy:  Please make sure you turn your particle effects back on when done raiding. You won't be able to see feathers or red books over the heads of NPC's when you use the command to remove every particle.  There are many ways in the Options window to fine tune which and how many particle effects you see in game.  I'll add more information on tweaking your options using comments to this post at a later time.***


Attacking lag:

There's a lot of stuff going on that adds to your lag, and fortunately there are two options in game to help it out before you start turning your logs off or closing ACT. The first setting is combat filter, which actually tells the server not to send you certain bits of data if I recall correctly from my conversation with Maevianiu at SOE Live. The other is to manually set the particle priority, which lets us go past the intended settings and remove every single particle.


we have four number settings for this command:

/combat_filter 0 . . . . . . . No filtering on combat data

/combat_filter 1 . . . . . . . Limit combat data to only you

/combat_filter 2 . . . . . . . Limit combat data to your group

/combat_filter 3 . . . . . . . Limit combat data to your whole raid


In addition to this, it is actually possible to remove every particle with a command trick:

/r_particle_priority -1 . . . . . . .Remove ALL of the particles. EVEN RED CIRCLES!

/r_particle_priority 1 . . . . . . . Restore particles!


What do we do with these? Macros! Macro ALL the things! I have a macro setup for each individual option on a utility hotbar. It does eat up 6 hotkey slots, but I have all 10 hotbars open anyways, 6/120 isn't too bad when it means instant access to lag fixes. 


[paid advertising] Attacking Cuteness [Brought to you by: Splitpaw.Errorrr and #Duckmount]


Sometimes it can be a pain in raid to have giant enemies - it becomes hard to see the room, hard to see adds or even positioning. This is not to say that giant, epic bosses are bad but sometimes we need a little bit of assistance with this. Well, if you use /cutemode3 in game it shrinks most bosses and your raid, making the room and positioning that much easier. 

Courtesy of Katanallama on EQ2 Forums





Hide Guild Tag: /show_subname 0

Show Guild Tag: /show_subname 1

Hide Titles: /show_titles_mode 0

Show Titles: /show_titles_mode 1

Combat Numbers Off: /show_combatbubbles 0

Combat Numbers On: /show_combatbubbles 1

Names off:

/chatbubble_show_pc_name_mode 3

/chatbubble_show_npc_name_mode 3


Names on:

/chatbubble_show_pc_name_mode 4

/chatbubble_show_npc_name_mode 4


Courtesy of Graywindz of EQ2 Forums

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